Degree Options

Our program offers a B.A. degree, an Honours B.A. and a Specialized Honours in Political Science.


Core Programs We Offer

1. BA (Bachelor of Arts in Poltiical Science ), without Honours : 90 Credits
2. BA Honours (Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Political Science) : 120 Credits
3. BA Specialized Honours in Political Science : 120 Credits
This is a 'specialized honours' which requires you to take more Political Science courses than Option 2
4. BA Specialized  Honours in Global Political Studies : 120 Credits

Internationally-Oriented Degrees : The IBA

Options 5, 6 and 7 allow you to internationalize your degree. All of their require 120 total credits. You will need to take some foreign language credits, study abroad and take internationally-oriented courses. If this interests you, talk to us as soon as possible. We will guide you so you do not lose a moment and can maximize every opportunity that York offers.

5. iBA Honours (International Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Political Science)
6. iBA Specialized Honours (International Bachelor of Arts with Specialized Honours in Political Science)
7. iBA Honours Major/Minor (International Bachelor of Arts degree where you can combine different subjects)

Combine Political Science With Your Other Areas Of Interest

total credits required = 120
Options 8, 9 and 10 allow you to combine an Political Science with another program at York. The possibilities are endless!

8. BA Honours Double Major
9. BA Honours Double Major (linked)
10. BA Honours Major/Minor