1000 Level Courses

Most of the spaces in these courses are reserved for incoming York students who are new to the University. If you were blocked from enrolling during your enrolment window this block may be removed to continuing students at the beginning of August.

AP/POLS 1000 6.0 Introductions to Politics: Exploring the Democratic Experience

This course introduces students to the study of politics. Special emphasis is given to different understandings of democracy, problems in democratic theory, and the real world practices of democratic states. Normally, the entire class meets for two hours weekly for lectures by the course director. Students meet an additional (third) hour each week in small tutorial groups to discuss topics raised by the lecture and by assigned readings.

Cross- Listed: AS/AK/POLS 1000 6.0, AP/PPAS 1000 6.0, AS/AK/POLS 2410 6.0, GL/POLS 1400 6.0

Course credit exclusion: GL/POLS 1400 6.0

AP/POLS 1090 3.0 Introduction to Business, Government and Society

Three decades of sweeping change in the organization of the Canadian economy and the state have transformed Canadian social life, from unemployment to the workplace. This course explains these changes within a broader historical and global framework. This course provides a good introduction to politics for non-political science majors. Counts as a free choice for POLS majors.

AP/POLS 1200 3.0 The Politics of Law

Introduces students to the study of the relationship between political science and the law. Addresses varying approaches to the study of these disciplines. Emphasizes the dynamic interaction among institutions, actors, and processes in the domestic and international legal arenas. Analyzes major themes in these fields by examining the politics of law in the context of governance. Issues addressed range from the rights of sex workers and food safety to patent regimes and the environment.

Course credit exclusions: None.