News Archive 2012

For victims of the Iranian regime, it's a long quest for justice
PhD Student Shokoufeh Sakhi 12/5/2012
York student recalls Iranian nightmare

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford blames left-wing conspiracy for court-ordered ouster
Prof. Rob MacDermid 11/26/2012
Commenting on Rob Ford's court trial.

York-Noor visiting chair examines the relevency of Ghandi today
Prof. Ramin Jahanbegloo 11/14/2012
Exploring how Ghandi is relevant in today's society.

Author Noah Richler to deliver R.B. Byers Memorial Lecture Nov. 15
Guest Lecturer Noah Richler 11/9/2012
Author examines how Canada suffers from an identity crisis when it comes to peacekeeping and war.

Nov. 12 lecture examines the US as world's largest 'free market' and biggest penal colony
Prof. Jonathan Nitzan 11/8/2012
Discussing how the US holds more prisoners than any other country.

High schools from across Canada to debate at York this weekend
Prof. Ananya Mukherjee-Reed 10/15/2012
The York-Osgoode High School Debating Tour

Students rewrite feminist history on Wikipedia
Student Alana Cattpan 5/2/2012
Students fill in gaps on Canadian feminist history on Wikipedia

Cities breaking down departmental barriers to improve future infrastructure
Prof. ROBERT MacDERMID 4/10/2012
The need to upgrade municipal infrastructures

Fear trade still in play
Prof. JONATHAN NITZAN 3/12/2012
How fear motivates the markets

Don't pit young against old
Prof. THOMAS KLASSEN 3/2/2012
Generational considerations when justifying budget cuts

Expert criticizes mayor's 'tough on crime' message
Prof. ROBERT MacDERMID 2/23/2012
Municipal leaders have no power to influence courts

Fix CPP, not OAS, to head off a pension crisis
Prof. THOMAS KLASSEN 2/20/2012
Options to deal with pensions for Baby Boomers

Legal scholar asks why so few Aboriginals vote in Canada
Prof. JENNIFER DALTON 1/26/2012
Is Aboriginal electoral engagement a question of justice?

CFI awards York researchers more than $950,000
Prof. Leah Vosko 1/25/2012
Professor Leah Vosko receives $159,470 to develop a Global Employment Standards Database

Is capitalism under attack in the 2012 Republican race?
Prof. LEO PANITCH 1/20/2012
Global capitalism and the American economy

Working from home is not all it's cracked up to be
Prof. THOMAS KLASSEN 1/18/2012
Working from home is not all it's cracked up to be

How important is image in the political arena?
Prof. DENNIS PILON 1/16/2012
The importance of image in politics