News Archive 2013

Nelson Mandela and South Africa?s flawed freedom
Prof. John S. Saul 12/16/2013
Professor Saul examines how Nelson Mandela's death may inspire a re-assessment of South Africa's freedom.

Unions Condemn IKEA for Anti-Worker Agenda
Prof. Andrew Jackson 12/13/2013
Professor Jackson accuses LabourWatch of co-ordinating anti-union legislative initiatives.

Markham Moves on from NHL Arena Dreams
Prof. Robert MacDermid 12/12/2013
Professor MacDermid says council debates over an NHL arena for Markham

Canada Can Afford a Stronger CPP
Prof. Thomas Klassen 12/11/2013
Professor Klassen examines proposed changes to the Canada Pension Plan.

How the Defeat of Trade Unionism Gave Rise to Low-Wage Jobs
Prof. Leo Panitch 12/5/2013
Professor Panitch discusses the trend to use low-wage workers.

Richmond Hill to decide new councillor
Prof. Robert MacDermid 12/5/2013
Professor MacDermid examines the reasons for a huge increase in candidates in this year's election.

No guarantee of spring provincial election
Prof. Robert Drummond 11/22/2013
Professor Drummond comments of new government spending.

Toronto Centre contest a two-horse race
Prof. Dennis Pilon 11/22/2013
Professor Pilon explains why upcoming federal by-elections are important to the opposition.

Why the People?s Bank of China is stronger than you think
Prof. Gregory Chin 11/22/2013
Professor Chin illustrates the stregths of the People's Bank of China

The Geneva Possibility
Prof. Ramin Jahanbegloo 11/20/2013
Professor Jahanbegloo examines Europe's plans to deal with Iran's nuclear program.

A City of Two Kings
Prof. Dennis Pilon 11/20/2013
Professor Pilon comments of Toronto City Council's recent moves to give more power to Deputy Mayor

Challenging Stephen Harper?s Imperialist Agenda
Prof. Greg Albo 11/18/2013
Professor Albo examines how the Harper government is

The new retiree: Renovating and on a spending spree
Prof. Thomas Klassen 11/17/2013
Professor Klassen examines the spending habits of the new generation of seniors.

Rob Ford fiasco a warning to B.C. on four-year civic council terms
Prof. Dennis Pilon 11/14/2013
Professor Pilon explains why shorter terms are better for municipal governents.

What Toronto?s crack-smoking mayor can teach us about political science
Prof. Dennis Pilon 11/6/2013
Professor Pilon explains Rob Ford's popularity in spite of his scandals.

Ford Nation: Three takes on why they?re so loyal to Toronto?s troubled mayor
Prof. Dennis Pilon 11/5/2013
Professor Pilon compares Rob Ford to George Bush

Iran's Charm Offensive
Prof. Saeed Rahnema 11/4/2013
Professor Rahnema discusses the

The 54th Parallel
Prof. Thomas Klassen 10/26/2013
Professor Klassen questions the claim that South Korea's older workers are less productive.

The 11-square-mile experiment
Prof. Gregory Chin 10/25/2013
Professor Chin comments on Shanghai's recent efforts to build business.

Toronto councillor alerts media to traffic ticket
Prof. Robert Drummond 10/25/2013
Professor Drummond comments on the current trend of disclosure among politicians.

Washington subdued as damage assessment begins
Prof. Gregory Chin 10/17/2013
Professor Chin discusses China's reaction to America's recent budget problems.

Can Tehran be Trusted?
Prof. Saeed Rahnema 10/5/2013
Professor Rahnema examines Iran's change of heart towards America.

Bigger clawbacks to Old Age Security not the answer
Prof. Andrew Jackson 10/1/2013
Professor Jackson criticizes recent decisions to withdraw senior benefits.

Canada Aims To Counter Laser-Based Coastal Threats
Prof. Martin Shadwick 9/17/2013
Professor Shadwick supports Canada's decision to develop Laser Optical Countermeasures systems.

Income Inequality
Prof. Andrew Jackson 9/11/2013
Professor Jackson examines the results of a new survey on income distribution.

India work-skills program makes a dent in disrespect for women
Prof. Ananya Mukherjee-Reed 9/8/2013
Professor Mukherjee-Reed discusses the success of a new program for impoverished women in India.

Stepping into the Spotlight
Prof. Gregory Chin 9/6/2013
Professor Chin examines China's contributions to rebuilding global finance.

G20 leaders must solve the stagnation puzzle
Prof. Andrew Jackson 9/3/2013
Professor Jackson previews the upcoming G20 summit in Russia.

The secret of America's enduring power
Prof. Thomas Klassen 8/27/2013
The secret of America's enduring power

America's Real Debt Dilemma
Student Sandy Brian Hager 7/29/2013
PhD Candidate Sandy Hager discusses his research in America's growing debt problems.

Yuan influence on the rise worldwide
Prof. Gregory Chin 7/22/2013
Professor Chin says central banks, governments and private investors are seeking options.

Monetary system needs overhaul
Prof. Gregory Chin 7/19/2013
Professor Chin calls for an overhaul to the international monetary system.

Why are Canada?s Trains Vulnerable?
Prof. Leo Panitch 7/16/2013
Professor Panitch explains how economic considerations are affecting Canada's trains.

The End of Men in the Workplace
Prof. Andrew Jackson 7/9/2013
Professor Jackson examines the gender shift in the workplace

Companies vie for chance to build refuelling depot in Nunavut
Prof. Martin Shadwick 7/2/2013
Professor Shadwick supports plans to build refuelling deport in Arctic

Why Aren't You Voting?
Prof. Robert MacDermid 6/26/2013
Prossor MacDermid examines the reasons for poor voter turn-out in municipal elections.

The university myth of good employment
Prof. Tom Klassen 6/24/2013
Professor Klassen examines the challenges in finding employment for new graduates.

Little Choice in Iran
Prof. Saeed Rahnema 6/11/2013
Professor Rahnema examines the

Professor Leah Vosko Receives $2-million SSHRC Grant
Prof. Leah Vosko 6/5/2013
Professor Vosko receives $2 million SSHRC grant.

Harper Tories evoking laughter and anger
Prof. Ian Greene 5/21/2013
Professor Greene addresses Harper's

Gender Violence in Local and Global Contexts
Prof. Ananya Mukherjee-Reed 5/17/2013
Professor Mukherjee-Reed joins a panel of women discussing violence against women in India

York profs speak at UN conference on the social and solidarity economy
Profs. Darryl Reed, Ananya Mukherjee Reed 5/15/2013
Three York professors participated in the first ever United Nations-sponsored Social and Solidarity Economy: Potential and Limits conference.

Bangladesh retail pact prompts hope for real change
Prof. Ananya Mukherjee-Reed 5/14/2013
Professor Mukherjee-Reed discusses how retailers will be making significant changes in Bangladesh.

Canada Renews Push To Buy 100 Specs Ops Vehicles
Prof. Martin Shadwick 5/11/2013
Professor Shadwick comments on Canada's plan to purchase 100 new military vehicles.

Wildrose slams bulk donations; Smith warns of U.S. styled action panels
Prof. Robert MacDermid 5/7/2013
Professor McDermind finds American-style politics in Alberta

Interest groups outspend NDP in byelections
Prof. Robert MacDermid 5/2/2013
Professor MacDermid explains how special interest groups have no restrictions on campaign spending.

Panel examines the issues lost in the glare
Prof. Dennis Pilon 5/1/2013
Professor Pilon examines topics that politicians don't like to discuss during elections.

Canadians? consumer tax burden is not as onerous as it sounds
Prof. Andrew Jackson 5/1/2013
Professor Jackson examines consumer tax burdens

Prof?s documentary premieres at Hot Docs
Prof. Clark Banack 4/25/2013
Political science Professor Clark Banack of the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies wrote the screen play for The Auctioneer, which will ha

Rolling the Dice
Prof. Thomas Klassen 4/19/2013
Professor Klassen explains why state-run gambling is problematic.

Thatcherism: A grand, failed economic experiment
Prof. Andrew Jackson 4/16/2013
Professor Jackson examines Margaret Thatcher's economic policies and how they impact on today's marketplace.

Venezuelan Democracy
PhD Student Manuel Larrabure 4/13/2013
Political Science PhD candidate Manuelk Larrabure speaks on the Bolivarian Revolution

Elections Ontario head calls for limits to advertising by interest groups
Prof. Robert MacDermid 4/8/2013
Professor McDermid's report on campaign finance rules cited.

Apocalypse, Not?
Prof. David J. McNally 3/17/2013
Professor McNally examines how visions of the Apocalypse are depicted in popular culture.

Does the Maple Leaf Need be There?
Prof. Todd Gordon 3/13/2013
Professor Gordon examines our military presence in Afghanistan today.

BC Premier Christy Clark Under Fire
Prof. Dennis Pilon 3/4/2013
Professor Pilon comments on recent criticism of BC Premier Christy Clark

Controversial events have students angry
Prof. David J. McNally 3/2/2013
Professor McNally explains why it is important for students to be exposed to controversial topics.

Assisted Human Reproduction Act is a backward step
Alana Cattapan 3/1/2013
PhD candidate Alana Cattapan exmaines recent charges being laid against Leia Picard, the owner of Canadian Fertility Consultants.

Canada-Honduras Trade Deal On Track
Prof. Todd Gordon 2/15/2013
Professor Gordon gives his opinion of the new trade agreement between Canada and Honduras.

Dix naming deputy minister pick raises eyebrows
Prof. Dennis Pilon 2/14/2013
Professor Pilon comments on Adrian Dix revealing his Deputy Minister far ahead of the vote.

Obama to focus on economic growth
Prof. Rodney Loeppky 2/11/2013
Professor Rodney Loeppky comments on US President Barak Obama's State of the Union address.

Ottawa to Give More Autonomy to the Northwest Territories
Prof. Gabrielle Slowey 2/4/2013
Professor Slowey discusses how the Northwest Territories will soon be granted province-like powers.

How more tax on the super-rich will help ease income inequality
Prof. Andrew Jackson 1/30/2013
Professor Jackson examines how more tax on the super-rich will help ease income inequality.

Toyota latest winner from Canada?s corporate socialism
Prof. Leo Panitch 1/23/2013
Professors Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin comment on Ottawa's subsidy schemes

Simon Black: Hip Hop Culture
Simon Black 1/22/2013
City Institute Researcher Simon Black discusses his course on Hip Hop Culture

Do Election Attack Ads Work?
Prof. Dennis Pilon 1/21/2013
Professor Pilon comments on the effectiveness of election

Grad students invited to apply for new award and fellowship
Prof. Liisa North 1/18/2013
New award and fellowship for the Centre for Research on Latin America & the Caribbean

Why there is little satisfaction to be found in Canadian manufacturing
Prof. Andrew Jackson 1/18/2013
Professor Jackson comments on a new study on Canadian manufacturing released by the Macdonald-Laurier Institute

Global capitalism and David McNally's monsters
Prof. David McNally 1/16/2013
Review of Professor McNally's new book

A new era in modern-day warfare
Prof. Martin Shadwick 1/12/2013
Professor Shadwick says buying smart weapons too expensive for Canada

Military mum over emergency help fee
Prof. Martin Shadwick 1/11/2013
Professor Shadwick comments on the military's lack of knowledge on billing for emergency relief services

Canadian economy needs a shot of Gangnam Style
Prof. Thomas Klassen 1/8/2013
Professor Klassen illustrates how Korea is setting a good economic example for Canada.

The American empire far from finished
Prof. Leo Panitch 1/7/2013
New Book Release: The Making of Global Capitalism, by Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin

York University class looks at Toronto graffiti in midst of crackdown
Prof. Simon Black 1/2/2013
Profile of Professor Black's course in "legal graffiti".