News Archive 2015

Dennis PilonSupport grows to shift how we vote
Prof. Dennis Pilon 6/17/2015
Three of the four major parties in favour of reforming how voters cast ballots and how MPs are elected.

highwayDon't expect John Tory to reverse course on the Gardiner, expert says
Prof. Dennis Pilon 6/8/2015
Political science Prof. Dennis Pilon comments on Mayor John Tory's motives for keeping the Gardiner Expressway.

Canadian parliamentCabinet to consider commercial ships as stopgap for lack of navy supply vessels
Prof. Martin Shadwick 5/21/2015
Defence analyst Prof. Martin Shadwick said the Conservative government faces an embarrassing dilemma.

Leah Vosko

Ontario allowing employers to fire workers without cause
Prof. Leah Vosko 5/18/2015
In Ontario, not a single worker is protected from wrongful dismissal under the Employment Standards Act.

Leah VoskoOntario's temp agencies, then and now
Prof. Leah Vosko 5/10/2015
Political science Professor Leah Vosko argues that today's temp agencies may be partly traced back to businesses in the 1800s.

Prof. Ananya Mukherjee-ReedIndian-born professor is new Liberal Arts dean at York U
Prof. Ananya Mukherjee-Reed 4/23/2015
Professor Ananya Mukherjee-Reed is the new dean of the Faculty ofLiberal Arts & Professional Studies.

MilitaryTextron Faces Last Chance on Canadian Vehicle
Prof. Martin Shadwick 4/18/2015
The Canadian military's newest armored vehicle faces significant technical problems, with US company Textron being given a final chance.

UkraineTextron Faces Last Chance on Canadian Vehicle
Prof. Martin Shadwick 4/18/2015
The Canadian military's newest armored vehicle faces significant technical problems, with US company Textron being given a final chance.

IranIran n-deal: So much to gain
Prof. Ramin Jahanbegloo 4/6/2015
Prof. Ramin Jahanbegloo writes about negotiations between Iran and six world superpowers about Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Robert MacDermidVaughan developers pump cash into King councillors' campaigns
Prof. Robert MacDermid 4/1/2015
Political science Prof.Robert MacDermid believes development money is a problem in politics.

Prof. Gregory ChinGregory Chin: China's Financial Diplomacy
Prof. Gregory Chin 3/31/2015
Gregory Chin sits down with Steve Paikin to discuss China's financial diplomacy as it attempts to establish the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

RMB Hub4 Things You Should Know About the New Renminbi Hub
Prof. Gregory Chin 3/24/2015
Political science Prof. Gregory Chin comments on what Canadian companies should know about the new RMB hub.

ConservativesTories are getting a free ride on the economy: pundit
Prof. Dennis Pilon 3/19/2015
Political science Professor Dennis Pilon comments questions the Conservatives on the economy.

Prof. Ananya Mukherjee-ReedWoman: A Search aims to empower women through dance
Prof. Ananya Mukherjee-Reed 3/18/2015
Prof. Ananya Mukherjee-Reed says it is common for Indian parents-to-be to pray fervently for a son.

RMB HubYork Professor Gives Lecture on RMB Internationalization
Prof. Gregory Chin 3/16/2015
Prof. Gregory Chin was at Carleton University to speak about the rise of the renminbi (RMB), the official currency of the People's Republic of China.

Israeli electionNetanyahu Fatigue
Prof. Emeritus Reginald Whitaker 3/14/2015
Prof. Emeritus Reg Whitaker comments on Israeli election

ConservativesVictoria MPs tackle government's 'terror bill'
Prof. Emeritus Reginald Whitaker 2/26/2015
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's controversial terror bill is to be analyzed by an expert panel and the public during a Feb. 27 forum.

LiberalsLiberals pocket $400,000 during Sudbury byelection
Prof. Robert MacDermid 2/24/2015
Setting high contribution limits to political parties, candidates and riding associations, such as those in Ontario, is a licence for the wealthy to p

zzzzzzzHow to get a better night's sleep without counting sheep
Prof. Gabrielle Slowey 2/22/2015
Gabrielle Slowey uses the Jawbone Up bracelet to help her get more sleep.

864A Peek inside political war chests
Prof. Robert MacDermid 2/7/2015
Liberals up their game as federal political parties saw a bump in donations in the last three months of 2014.

MayorBig city mayors need voters' support in demanding funding commitments
Prof. Robert MacDermid 2/6/2015
Municipal officials are still beholden to their provincial or federal counterparts who control the purse strings.

Prof. Robert MacDermidWhy spend $15K on York Region council retreat?, York U professor asks
Prof. Robert MacDermid 2/5/2015
Political Science professor questions York Region's spending of taxpayers' money on a retreat for councillors.

GreekSyriza offers first challenge to European neoliberalism
Prof. Leo Panitch 2/4/2015
Political Science Professor Leo Panitch weighs in on a Greek coalition party's challenge to neoliberalism.

Arctic patrol shipsOttawa signs deal to build patrol ships for Arctic
Prof. Martin Shadwick 1/17/2015
Fedeal government has reached a deal with Nova Scotia's Irving Shipbuilding to begin construction of the Arctic patrol ships.

natural resourcesRich natural resources a blessing, curse for Canada says professor
Prof. Daniel Drache 1/16/2015
Rich natural resources a blessing, curse for Canada says professor

Election could hinge on oil and the economyElection could hinge on oil and the economy
Prof. Robert MacDermid 1/14/2015
Federal campaign advisers of all stripes are thinking hard about how a sudden turn in the domestic economy will affect the vote.