An Advising Appointment Can Help With The Following:

  • What courses will satisfy program requirements?
  • We can offer advice on the range of course offerings, program requirements and faculty members in the program.
  • What program options are available?
  • Can you do a double major or a major/minor?
  • Can Atkinson and Glendon courses count?
  • Can you take Specialized Programs?

As regulations change, we can help choose courses that reflect current regulations. The advising appointment is an important window for us to understand how the program and courses are working for you. We will solicit and welcome your feedback on how your courses are going, which ones you like or do not like. This feedback is crucial in guiding us with program improvements.

Sometimes medical or personal problems interfere with academic performance. In an advising appointment, we can often offer advice on petitions and other strategies to help deal with the impact of these circumstances on academic performance.

Step 1: From the York web site, click My Student Records, and under My Grades and Transcripts, click on List My Courses & Grades. (Enter your Username and password). Print out a copy of the courses you have taken at York.

Step 2: Download and complete the degree checklist.

Note: Degree requirements vary depending on the date you entered the Political Science Program.

Transfer Students: Transfer students should bring their statement of transfer credits to the appointment, and book with the Undergraduate Director.

Special Forms: Students who require a signature on forms such as Letters of Permission, Exchange Programs, etc. should book with the Undergraduate Director.

For further assistance, consult the Undergraduate Program Advisor, S671 Ross, 416-736-5267 or e-mail

Step 3: Should you require additional assistance, you are welcome to visit our office at Ross S672 for a drop-in advising session. Summer Advising Hours are currently:

  • Monday - Thursday: 9:30am - 11:00am, 2:00pm - 3:15pm

Note: An advisor can help with the problems and questions listed below. For all other administrative problems, see Administrative Information on this website.