What to do if you have a Complaint?

Most complaints can be amicably resolved through consultation with the course director or tutor, so students are encouraged to first approach them to resolve any concerns they may have in a course. If a student feels their concern was not addressed satisfactorily at that level, they should meet with the Undergraduate Director who will seek appropriate solutions to student complaints. If the complaint cannot be resolved by the Undergraduate Director or through the reappraisal or petitions process (see below), the Department will advise students of other possible avenues to redress their concerns.

Requests for Reappraisal of Final Grades

With sufficient academic grounds, students may request reappraisal of a final grade in a course.

  1. Deadline: Requests for reappraisals must be filed with the unit offering the course within 21 days of the release of the final grade in the course.
  2. Written Work Only: Students may question the marking of specific pieces of work, or the overall course grade. Normally, however, only written work can be reassessed.
  3. Possible Grade Changes: When a student asks for a reappraisal, an original grade may be raised, lowered, or confirmed.
  4. Reappraisal Request Form: Students wishing to request the reappraisal of a final grade should fill out the appropriate form available from the Department/Division offering the course and submit it to the same office.
  5. Faculty Appeal Procedures: The decision of the Department/Division may be appealed to the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Executive Committee only on grounds of procedural irregularity or new evidence.

Petition a to Waive a Regulation

The purpose of academic regulations is to allow students to develop their interests and talents to the fullest, in ways consistent with the philosophy and standards of the Faculty. In establishing academic regulations, the Faculty also recognizes that instances will arise where it makes sense, in the context of a student's academic career, to waive regulations which would otherwise apply.

Right to Petition: Students in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies have the right to petition for special consideration. It should be kept in mind, however, that a petition is a request for the waiver of a regulation; it cannot be used to create legislation that does not exist. Normally petitions will not be considered by the Petitions Committee more than TWO YEARS beyond the date of the release of grades for the session to which the petition relates.

Petitions Procedures: Petitions are held in the strictest confidence. The Petitions Committee considers the written petition itself, any supporting documents (from professors or medical practitioners), and other relevant information contained in the student's record. Students do not appear in person.

To initiate a petition, students should obtain a Petition Package from the Office of the Registrar, West Office Building, (416) 736-5440. Advice on petitioning is available from the Undergraduate Director, the Registrar's Office or from the Office of the Dean, S930 Ross Building, (416) 736-5260. Petitions should be brought or mailed to the appropriate committee in care of the Office of the Registrar.

For additional information on petitions please review the Council's website for student petitions.