Student Associations

Our program has three student councils that are organized to represent student interests in the program. Student representatives also play an important role in Departmental committees. In the spirit of fostering meaningful democratic participation, we encourage students to become active in one of the following organizations to ensure that students' voices are represented in our deliberations.

Undergraduate Political Science Council

The Undergraduate Political Science Council (UPSC) was created in 1995 with the objective of ensuring that student's voices were heard within the Political Science department and throughout the University. As a student-run and organized council the UPSC has various representatives on departmental committees who act on behalf of the group and can affect positive changes within the Political Science department.

The UPSC is very open and friendly, and as such, we look forward to the variety of people who will join the group and the diversity of opinions they bring with them. The UPSC offers a range of services to undergraduate Political Science students, such as tutoring and mentoring programs with upperyear Political Science students.

In addition, because we are a student-run organization, group members have a voice in determining what services and events the UPSC will offer over the course of the school year. Please feel free to contact the UPSC any time for information about how to join, and become a part of the political science crowd at York. We look forward to hearing from you. Also any other questions of concerns please do not hesitate to contact the council.

Members may be reached at 416-736-2100, ext. 44502 or at Undergraduate Political Science Council

Correspondence should be addressed to:

Undergraduate Political Science Council
Department of Political Science
S 672 Ross
York University
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, Ontario
M3J 1P3

Our office is located in 145 McLaughlin College.

The Model UN

The Model United Nations at York University is a student run organization. For the past decade, the Model United Nations team has been attending simulation UN conferences both nationally and internationally. There, students are thrown into the exciting word of international diplomacy and given a platform to perfect their debating and negotiating skills. Not only do Model UN conferences provide students with an innovative learning experience, it is an important chance for them to interact with students who bring their own unique perspectives to today's international issues being debated.

Some of the brightest, young individuals from all over the globe take part in such conferences and York University students are always among the most talented and dynamic in attendance. These students have excelled and proved themselves on this stage, bringing home awards and recognition and ultimately bringing pride to the York University Community.

For more information please email us at:

The Model NATO

Over the past few years, the Undergraduate Political Science Council (UPSC), has attempted to send a delegation to the Model North Atlantic Treaty organization. UPSC has a long history of sending students to conferences, such as the Model United Nations conferences at McGill and Harvard.

Students interested in Model NATO, can come to 145 McLaughlin College and apply to Model NATO's application process. Students interested in debating, should also be interested in taking part in this activity. All students interested in debating on NATO issues are welcome to take part in preparation, unfortunately Carleton only allows us to send 10-15 people. Students who apply to Model NATO can not also be in Model United Nations, as we hope as a community to benefit more students.