Tributes to Leo Panitch from Around the World

Leo Panitch in Liverpool at The World Transformed Conference. Photo credit:

Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus Leo Panitch, who passed away on December 19, 2020, was a global public intellectual. As Colin Leys and Sam Gindin point out: "Very few intellectuals on the left have had the intellectual impact on progressive thinkers and activists that Leo has had." Not surprisingly then, as Raju Das notes, Leo "contributed to the national and global reputation of York University as a progressive institution." The many tributes published from around the world upon his passing testify to Leo's worldwide influence and impact. A selection of these tributes is included below. A page for tributes from members of the York University can be found here: York Tributes to Leo Panitch. For a special tribute to Leo as a teacher that took place at York University on October 6, 2017, please see the Building Capacities: Education for Democracy panel with Stephanie Ross, Judy Hellman, Steve Hellman, Amy Bartholomew and Avishai Ehrlich.

Please note that Brill publisher has made all of its Historical Materialism journal articles written by Leo Panitch open access until March 1st. Please see:

Photo Credit: Kevin Walsh,

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